DONALDO PRESCOD Interview (April 2013 Feature)


Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you write….

Born in Boston but mainly grew up in California. I came to nyc to attend grad school at The New School for Drama where I earned an MFA in acting. As of last year I’ve started to write consistently and now I can’t stop. Right now I have a handful of ideas and hopefully when they’re done I’ll have more stories to tell. As far as why I write, I know one reason is the joy of springing new and original work to the stage.

Why did you write this play?

I wrote this play for various reasons:

1. Hip-hop right now is in a horrible place so it felt good to write about the days when it wasn’t commercial and had much more to offer.

2. The challenge of writing a period piece.

3. My obsession with turntabilists and the life of a deejay.

How did you find Blackboard?

Through the magnificent and beautiful Garlia Jones-Ly. I remember when she started Blackboard. We were still in grad school together. And to see it grow gives me nothing but joy.

What is important to you about a community of Black writers?

The fact that there’s a community. I truly feel our work hardly gets recognized or produced in nyc and knowing there’s a community to voice our work is more than needed.

How do you want people to feel after they have heard this play?

I want people to feel nostalgic of old New York and re-examine the music they listen to.

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Jerome Parker – Livestream Shoutout!

jerome-parkerSomething new happened at Blackboard this past Fall… and that something new was Jerome Parker.

I searched in my emails and found that Jerome contacted Blackboard in 2010 after an ad I had placed for a Production Assistant.

He re-“emerged” into our Blackboard world in September 2012 through Nathan Yungerberg, a wonderful playwright that has featured at the series.

Jerome has an incredibly giving spirit and it is so lovely to be able to share our readings with people across the web.  The Featured writers from out of town are able to include their families – which is an added bonus if they can’t make the trip to New York.

It is more than exciting that he has been able to offer this special service to our audience and we are genuinely grateful!  The Livestream genuinely extends our mission to tell the stories of writer throughout the African Diaspora!  Now with Jerome, we truly CAN reach everyone!

Check out his February 15th post on The Public Theater’s Blog: “More Adventures in Webcasting” (There’s a shout-out AND you’ll learn more about Jerome!)

Until next time!


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We sure know how to pick ’em – NIKKOLE SALTER

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In April of 2009, during Blackboard’s first year, we featured Nikkole Salter’s “Repairing a Nation” – it was Directed by Radha Blank. Our April of 2011’s Featured Reading “featured” another of Nikkole’s play’s CARNAVAL.  It was our 1st ever repeat … Continue reading

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So who’s this Danielle character anyway…

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January 14, 2013 – BOTTLE TREES by Danielle Eliska Lyle 1)Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you write…. a little bit about me…hmmm… i am a complete nerd. i look forward to emoji with my sister everyday; … Continue reading

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November 2012 – Adrienne Dawes – AM I WHITE

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Read Adrienne’s bio Interview… Interview questionsBLACKBOARD: Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you write…. AD: I am a writer born from a remarkable story, the premature baby of mixed-race teenagers from Corsicana, Texas. When I was three … Continue reading

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Generation T – Pia Wilson – October 2012

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Our October reading was last minute – but it was a wonderful play by PIA WILSON, directed by HEIDI GRUMELOT   GENERATION T follows two Marines – one on psych leave and the other AWOL – and their drug-addled friends … Continue reading

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Live on our 4th Birthday!

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Did you remember?! We’re 4 years old now!! September 2008, we began with hopes of creating a community devoted to Black artists throughout the African Diaspora! It’s been a great couple of years, and we have the cell to thank! … Continue reading

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