Why $10?

Blackboard has always been free?  So why charge?

Well – we’ve always asked for Donations, but never insisted.  We’re not insisting now – just asking for a specific amount.  It should never deter you from coming.  We want the people more than anything, but we would like to be able to copy the scripts for our playwrights and make more postcards, have wine and cheese at readings, give actors / directors stipends, and so on and so forth.  The space is donated to us by the cell, in case anyone didn’t know.  That is a big deal – especially in New York.  You can’t beat that – so if you come and you have some change in your pocket – maybe a $10 bill 🙂

We’re TWO YEARS OLD now, so I suppose these changes come with the growth 🙂

As always, THANK YOU for your continued support!



About blackboardplays

Familiar with the collectives for poets and other Black writers that had been created over the years and slightly envious of that sense of community, I became curious about a similar place for playwrights. I wanted to see Black playwrights, actors and directors excited over each others work and supporting each other. I was longing for a “home” as a Black playwright and wanted to see other Black artists in that home, not to be exclusive, but because there was a void. I was also eager to find other Black playwrights who shared a passion for the craft of storytelling. The stories of the Black community are diverse and are often hidden behind the blockbuster stereotyped versions. The non-artistic Black community, not involved in the writing of these stories, is yearning to see themselves in our stories and it is apart of my life’s work to ensure that happens. the cell is any artists’ dream: a new space that supports you as you grow, committed to new work and the art. This allows the writer to focus on the craft - to focus on their story. Nancy Manocherian and Kira Simring welcomed this idea with open arms and instantly became apart of what we later called “Blackboard Reading Series”. Every reading will conclude a twenty minute talk-back with the audience. Dialogue with the community is essential to what we want to do with the series. As we grow, there may be more readings a month, play festivals and of course productions. We want to nurture and develop new black playwrights for this generation! Thank You! Garlia Cornelia Jones Founder, Blackboard Reading Series
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